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Terrartist Takes Aim

Lucy with her AK-47Contemporary sculptor and painter, Lucy Bucknall, is taking no prisoners when her exhibition, "9/11 and Other Stories" opened at The Studio Gallery in Kingsland. Her work's comment on various international events from the Munich Hostage Crisis in 1972 to the London Underground Bombing earlier this year. One series of almost abstract blue canvasses, depict the collapse of the World Trade Centre buildings. Across the gallery, sits an ominous life-size bronze backpack. Inside through the metal latticework, it's possible to make out the tangle of wires, timer and homemade bomb, also made of bronze.

British born Ms Bucknall says her work is simply a reflection of her world. With close and immediate family who work in politics, journalism, the arms industry, and social development, she can't imagine her work being anything other than what it is. She agrees that some viewers may find some works uncomfortable but says she's not creating works to fit people's idea of what art should be.

However, she admits she's slightly concerned about unloading her bronze actual size AK47 from the back of the car on the street, "we all know the police can occasionally make mistakes."

Gallery owners, Sam Ireland and Bronwyn Blair, point out they're taking extra security precautions in the gallery during the two week exhibition. "This art could definitely cause some trouble" laughs Sam.

Ms Bucknall has a BFA Hons from the Bath Academy of Art, England and has worked and exhibited in The UK for 16 years before moving to New Zealand 8 years ago. This is her first New Zealand solo exhibition. "Other things have kept me busy" she laughs, "building a decent studio and a couple of kids to bring up. The work has taken it's own time to grow to where it is now. After a long apprenticeship, commissioned work, various part time jobs, it's quite hard to focus on the work that really matters to me, but I definitely know where it's going now, I've got a mission on.".


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